Where do scattered thoughts go?
Mine goes here.



A 20-year old hotelier and aspiring blogger & singer who writes and shares some of her heart’s emotions. As you go and read things that I will post here you will learn more parts of me even when we don’t know each other in real life, so I won’t really introduce myself using this “About” section.  Hopefully by consuming my contents,  you’d learn a thing or two and share it with others too.

This is just going to be my free online space for my thoughts about random things or comments about books, movies, dramas (Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese), music, food, people, personal life & career and any other things that I want to talk about. You may find some posts boring or of no sense but it won’t really matter as the purpose of this blog is to be my free space— my thought catcher. ☺️

Music & Cover

My love for music has been growing since I was 4 years old but, sort of, kept on hiding parts of it from the world. However, I have come to realize that life is too short to get scared of what others would say about the level of my talent in singing. So this time, I want the world to hear the gift that has been given to my our good Lord.

You may follow @jayzelbc in instagram for short covers, @jayzelbc in Soundcloud or subscribe to my Youtube channel Jayzel Calibo (Watch the first cover I posted: You are my Sunshine). You may also like my Facebook Page @jayzelb which is still under construction as of this moment.

Daily Life