From Five to Nine

I don’t have any idea that I will fall in love with this Japanese drama starring Tomohisha Yamashita (as Hoshikawa Takane) and Satomi Ishihara (as Sakuraba Junko). It is a romantic-comedy Japanese drama adapted from a manga written by Miki Aihara about a monk who fell in love with an English teacher.

I thought it’s going to be a boring one because it involves a monk as one of the characters, needless to say, the leading man. But upon watching the first episode, I can’t get myself out anymore. The stiff expressions but sweet and comical reactions of Takane hooked me up as well as the realistic reaction of Junko. I said realistic because she did not immediately fall in love with the lead role. It took several attempts for Takane to win Junko’s heart which made it heart warming.

Over the weeks, I’ve been looking for a romcom that involves characters with mix of fiction and reality as their attributes, and this Jdrama did that for me. It is a romcom, it has the most loyal and sweet leading man, it has an in-denial leading woman, it has light conflicts but are effective. I don’t want to cry over romcom but feel in love while watching.

Hoshikawa Takane is destined to be the chief priest of the temple where his parents’ memory lies. As unfolded in the drama, it’s been part of his greatest dreams but then he met Sakuraba Junko who he fell in love at first sight. It is a big conflict since Junko doesn’t possess the proper attributes to be the daughter in-law of the temple. Takane’s grandmother won’t allow the marriage that he wants and on top of it he needs to make Junko’s heart be in line with his feelings.

If you’re looking for a Jdrama that will make you feel in love throughout all the episodes watch this. If you want to laugh and learn about a gist of life, watch this but I’ll warn you that you will definitely fall in love with Takane!! ☺️💕


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