Hoshikawa Takane on Episode 1 (From Five to Nine)

Lately I’ve been watching several Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese drama all because I want to feel giddy haha. Plus it’s my way of projecting the characteristics of my ideal man 💕

He may be an odd and obsessive guy but hey he’s pure and kind. So let me state the reason why I love him per episode.

I fell in love with him after his arranged meeting with his wife-to-be because he made me laugh when he bumped into the post of the temple and even made a wrong exit. He was floating, maybe, out of happiness in witnessing Junko’s happiness while eating the crabs. He even remembered the line that was repeated twice for him, “The crab is delicious, isn’t it?” 😂😂

Who knows that it was just the start of his comical appearances? The next day…

He couldn’t get himself separated with Junko that he even enrolled to her English class even when it was revealed later in that episode how good he is in English. He even revealed that he owns a private jet which means that even though he is a monk, he is also extremely rich. And if his presence in the class is not yet enough to follow Junko, look who’s present on the party to welcome the new general manager of the school?

I saw three sides of Takane in the first 25 minutes of the show. First is his comical side, second is his clingy side and third is the jealous side 😂 just look at his face when he saw that Junko’s smile is different when she saw the general manager.

I don’t know if he’s clingy or just persistent in courting Junko. But anyways, I love it when he offered to accompany Junko on her way home because it’s dangerous to go home alone at night (that’s true). I know few men who would do that just to make sure you’re safe. 🙄

And who wouldn’t love a man that knows who he really loves and sticks with his loyalty even when the girl being compared to the one he chose is realistically far better.

And his stalking skills just to watch the one he loves even from afar. 😂😂 (tho that’s a bit creepy when done everyday)

What made me love him more in this episode was the part when he fetched Junko under the rain after unfortunate events just to greet her a happy birthday plus not to mention the bouquet he gave her as a present since he cannot think of anything to give yet. I’m not really a fan of receiving flowers as a sole form of gift since it dies and you can’t use it in practical things but I still find it romantic though. Receiving it would still make any woman feel giddy.

I found he’s perseverance and obsession to Junko cute at first but it became creepy when he locked her in a room just because he doesn’t want her to be separated from him and that he feels weird.

Too much obsession isn’t really that tolerable especially for a career woman. I love his persistence to have the woman he loves but I don’t find it really ideal to lock the woman just because of a weird feeling and of separation anxiety.

But then, I already finished this drama and I already know the changes this man has undergone after understanding the woman and the circumstances. 💕

See you on my next update about Takane. 😉



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