My Friend’s Man

I’m somehow envious of somebody for having someone she didn’t expect to be in her life. How he’s not perfect yet attentive, sweet and sincere.
He has a crush on my close friend since midterm last term but nobody in our class ever noticed him having that feelings. He wasn’t obvious. That’s why we’re surprised when he finally had the courage to ask her out.

Hindi naman lahat ng lalaki kaya yun. Karamihan kasi ngayon puro lie and kalandian lang ang alam. Magpapakilig tapos kapag nahulog ka na saka ka iiwan sa ere. He’s a handsome guy but he has his flaws and vices. Yep, he smokes and drinks but he confessed everything to her. There was this one time when he tried not to smoke because she said so and he got allergies from suddenly withdrawing so hindi kinaya ng friend ko na nakikita syang nagkakarashes kaya pinayagan nya muna but he said he still can endure it. It’s a sweet thing for someone to hide his inconvenience but still become truthful because he’s with the girl he likes.

He’s expressive but still manly in a way that when he’s hurt because he’s being pushed away he’ll react like a child but appears cute. There was this time when she told him that it’d be the last time she’ll say yes in going out and he started reacting dull and when she said it was a joke he’s still in an upset mood but when she got upset too he starting courting her around, making her smile. Nakakatawa nung sinabi ni boy na dapat kalag nagtatampo sya lalambingin but the girl wouldn’t give what he likes and so the situation was turned around. Siya ung nanlambing haha. 😂🙈

When she started calling him “kuya” he starting saying that it irritates him when it comes from her, and starts asking “bakit mo ba ko tinataboy?” Like omg who wouldn’t feel giddy about this very persistent man?

Another story she shared to me was when she told him to not invest his emotions on her too much because she’s not allowed yet for any sort of romantic relationships but all he said was he won’t but his actions say otherwise. He was being pushed away but he wouldn’t have any of that. He sticks well. Then randomly he would ask her if the investment bank is already open (hinting about investing emotions and love) but she would always say not yet because it’s still under construction and is still asking for permits.
She confessed to him that her sisters don’t approve of her going out with man and he said that if he would be the cause of any chaos of her and her sisters, he’ll have to let go for a while because family is more important. You see? A person like him is existing in this world.

He also remembers small things and tell it or show it in the most subtle ways. Hindi raw sya pakilig na tao pero kikiligin ka ng kusa the way he is, according to my friend. I asked her how did the man like her? When? Because he wasn’t our classmate not until last term and we only meet him in few courses, plus we’re never close to him. She said that it all started during the midterm according to him. And I asked her how did she know? She told me, he confessed in one of their late night conversations these past weeks. And I asked how did he tell you? She said that it wasn’t really the pa-sweet kind but the kind that tells you that he’s been observing from afar enough to know her a little. She told me that he told stories about the happenings last term that we’ve been classmates. And among these stories, the common pattern was that he remembers the things she said, the things she likes and whatever related to her. He remembers!! Oh my God, where would you find that guy who would be observing from afar because he likes you but didn’t make a move because he thought it’s just a passing crush and it’s not wise to make someone fall because it’s just a shallow feeling? Who would be like this guy who would just be there without you knowing it because he’s still analyzing his own feelings, if it’s sure or not? And once he was sure, he let himself be her friend and asked her out subtly. When he asked her out, she told him that it isn’t a date and he said yeah sure. When she told her she hates people who say I love you after several meetings or short time of knowing each other, he told her that he hates that too, and that he’s still on the process of knowing her and he hopes that she too is trying to know him. When she asked him if he is serious about her, he got offended and explained why, that he won’t invest money and time in meeting her or in talking to her if he wants a short lived thing, that he knows where to go if he wants short-lived relationships. Huhu kilig.

She said he’s somehow convincing but she doesn’t want to open her heart yet because he’s still a mess. You see this man that I am talking about has been in college for 7 years but he was supposed to finish it for roughly 4 years but wasn’t able to for some reasons. He wasn’t taking the school seriously and he still hasn’t any dreams; but lately he told her that he will fix his life which is somehow good because most of us plus my friends sister won’t approve if he wouldn’t get his life together. I mean, I’m okay with an under construction man but not with a dreamless and effortless person because that would be equal to a lost individual which one cannot fix. Only the same person can fix himself. He has vices like smoking and drinking which aren’t really an ideal thing for my friend and I but it wouldn’t be bad if he’d change his ways not because she told him to but because it’s good for his own health and lifestyle. One good thing about his imperfections is that he doesn’t hide it from her, instead he shows his true self. Another is that he never forgets to communicate with her about almost everything about his activities. Funny.

As for my own experience when I met this guy, I would say he really has his own ways of making someone happy. We’ve been in a conversation about what to eat and where to eat, and in the duration of that encounter he was able to make me laugh and was able to pick up the thing that would make me happy without me telling him directly to do it for me. Our group dined in a restaurant and guess what he did? He bought spaghetti specially for me and for the rest of the people they ate the big pizza he bought. It surprised me because he actually remembered from our conversation that it is my favorite food and bought it for me, without me asking for it. It was a surprise treat so I wasn’t able to say no and pay for it. He wouldn’t give me or the rest of the people on the table the chance to pay for the food. I, personally, don’t like the idea of having freebies from other people because I don’t want to be indebted but with his ways you won’t feel bad either. You won’t have a choice. Haha. This is the kind of technique men should know if they want to treat their girls without getting a no and would appear kind, sweet and thoughtful. I still feel happy knowing a fact about me and the thing I said was remembered and taken seriously plus I got a surprise treat of my favorite food because of a conversation. I know that even if he’s not perfect my friend will, maybe, be safe in his hands.


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