“And he believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness”- Genesis 15:6 

Many times in our lives that whenever our prayers don’t get an immediate answer, we turn to God and ask Him why it takes Him long to hear us. And whenever the question why gets involved, our doubts about His timing get involved as well.

We always need an assurance or a proof that He will fulfill what He has said or promised as if He lies or He disappoints us when we are the ones who do that to God. We are the ones who lie or who disappoints Him with all our empty promises. We doubt Him when the ones who are rightful to be doubted are us. He always listens and will always do.

Let me tell you this thing that I learned just a while ago while reminiscing my old prayers. He actually answered all of them but I didn’t notice that at first. And I think that is because I was expecting a specific result coming from the wrong prayer. I said wrong prayer because I didn’t carefully choose the words I have used in those prayers. I talked to God recklessly and He just answered what I have hoped for and it was different with the things I have imagined because I didn’t trust Him enough to tell Him my true hopes, I didn’t trust Him enough to confess what I truly want to happen. But at least, He has proven that He does answer our calls.

But does He always need to prove Himself when He has already done that many years ago when His Son died on the cross for us?


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