Dear Future Lover

Lately I’ve been thinking about you. Have I already met you? Have we already talked random funny and/or dramatic things? Have we made each other smile or swoon? Have you already recognized your special feelings for me? Have you already planned things with me? I don’t know. I wonder what you’re doing right now. I wonder if you’re also thinking about me even if we don’t know that we’re fated for each other. I didn’t know that it’s possible to long for someone you haven’t met yet. I miss you. I keep missing you since last November 2016. Are you also thinking about me?

In the future, when we finally recognize each other from a different light I will let you read this and I hope, in an instant, that you’d also feel how much I long and how much I love you even if I don’t know yet who you are or if we’ll ever meet.

I have several wishes and I hope you help me fulfill them:

1. Let’s love the Lord together. I’m not saying this because my Spiritual health is strong. I’m saying this because I want us to be partners in doing our duties as Christians. I want to pray with you, read the Bible with you, do devotion with you, win souls with you and so much more. I believe that this will be the main bond of this relationship. Let’s help each other when one of us gets down. Let’s lift each other up by remaining in God’s presence.

2. Be expressive. Let’s be expressive on what we feel. I don’t like miscommunications because this just ruin relationships. Let’s say we miss each other when we really do, say we love each other, we’re mad because of…, I’m tired, I’m not in the mood because of…, and other little things. We are partners in everything let ourselves be understood by each other.

3. I love you. I miss you. Even when we stayed in this relationship for so long, I hope the I love you and the I miss you don’t become oblivious and forgotten just because we have already heard it a thousand times. Let’s find ways in expressing it in different ways and in different words that each of us will understand. It adds up to the life of the love. Let’s stay in love, please.

4. I’m sorry. One of the things I want and don’t want to hear is I’m sorry. I want to hear it because that might mean that you’re admitting you’re mistake however I don’t want to hear it over and over for the same reason. It’s tedious. I hope that we recognize our mistakes, that we’re brave enough to admit it and that we’re courageous enough to actually change. I hope the apology doesn’t just stop at words but continues in action. Admit. Apologize. Repent. There’s no more sincere apology than putting an action into it. Change when it’s needed. Pride hurts relationship.

5. Thank you. I hope that we never forget to be grateful for all the little things we have in life, even the presence of each other.

6. Let’s love our family and friends. I hope that you love my family and friends as much as you love me. There’s no better sight than to see you and them get along with each other well. I believe that having genuine connection with them will help us maintain our relationship as well. There’s no better sight than seeing our loved ones approve our relationship and be supportive of it. I’ll try to do the same for you as well. 😉

7. Let’s respect each other. There will be misunderstandings and challenges amidst this relationship but I hope that we never badmouth even when we’re angry. I don’t like hearing curses or shouting at each other bad statements. Let’s help each other resolve the issue without hurting too much feelings. Let’s involve mature ones to counsel us when needed be.

8. Never ever cheat. I am confessing to you right now that I have trust issues because of a certain story you will know one of these days. I hate liars and cheaters. Please, when I am falling short as your partner tell me what it is so I could make up for it. Don’t run to other women for comfort when we’re not in a good status. Just don’t trade me for other women. When you’re tired of loving me, think it over and when you’re decided that you’re really in love with somebody else I will set you free even when I’ll be the one left hurting. Just let me know that you don’t want me anymore instead of keeping me and playing with other women. Let’s respect each other even towards the ending.

9. Make everyday special. Let’s do many things together, discover together, watch Korean dramas together, laugh together, cry together and many more. Let us make each other feel our values. Let us make each other aware that we’re special, that I’m special, and that you’re special. Let’s keep our love alive even when time passes by. Let’s think of all the little things to make each other feel our specialness. Let’s think of ways to surprise each other and keep the love burning. Personally, I would love you to randomly hug me, embrace me, surprise light and deep kisses, sweet cuddles, watching movies, long walks and saying little compliments.

10. Shared Memories. I personally feel giddy when someone remembers an information about me, a special memory I have with them and I hope you throwback your favorite memories about me, my existence. I would like to hear that you actually remember those memories because I was there.

11. Appreciation. Let’s appreciate each other’s existence, achievements and what we’ve done for ourselves, other people and for each other. Who wouldn’t love to hear a compliment, a supportive statement whenever they do something? Let’s make it a habit that we magnify the brighter side of each other rather than the dark one. Even when you won’t be able to cook well, I’ll appreciate you because I know you put a lot of hardwork in it and that you really wanted me to taste the best food with love in town made by you.

12. Watch the Korean Dramas I’ve watched. Hahahahahahahahaha. If you really want to learn how to make a lady feel giddy, you may watch those dramas that I’ve watched and you will easily learn. Woooooh ☺️☺️

I still have a lot of things in mind. I’ll tell you the additional things later if I remember them. Advance saranghae.

With love and fantasy 😂



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