Take Your Chances While You Still Have It

Ji Soo’s character in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is one great example of what could happen if you won’t do what you should’ve done, of what could happen if you won’t combine the right actions with the right word, if you won’t try, if you won’t take risks, if you won’t take all the chances you have. He was too scared to tell the girl that he likes her for the longest time that they were together as friends. He did not man up for the girl he likes and only realized that it was too late when another man boldly declared that he likes the girl.
I don’t care about his excuses that he didn’t know what the girl felt for him, that he didn’t know their feelings were mutual. He didn’t man up. He had the chance to fight for her. I mean, she liked him right? They were childhood close friends. He had all the time and chances to do something but he did not do that. All because he didn’t know she liked him too? Nah. A real man who feels real love would take all the risks even if he’s not sure if the woman would like her back. He would try to win her and that’s what the other guy (Ahn Min Hyuk) in this series did. He knew that the girl likes another man (Gook Du) but it didn’t stop him from pursuing the woman he loves. What happened? It was recognized. He combined words with the right action. Effort na malinaw mga bes. On the other hand, Gook Du did not do anything but scold Bong Soon out of worry and express his love through the wind. Paramdam, pahangin… that’s confusing. Take risks, man up and clear your actions and words to get a clear direction and destination. Both men and women don’t have ways to be certain on things that’s why conversations exist, that’s why confession exist.

Gook Du: You knew right?| Bong Gi: Knew what?

Gook Du answered that he didn’t know.

Bong Gi (Leading woman’s twin brother) is right. It’s really not the girl’s responsibility to tell you straightforwardly that she likes you. Often than not, it’s men’s calling to pursue. Women wait. Women send signal. It’s rare to find an aggressive woman who would tell you straightly that she likes you. 

Aww. Let’s console him on this part because it’s true. We feel numb about what other people feel when we feel too much of something— happiness, love, sadness, anger. Emotions blind our rational side. That’s so true but should we stop there? Nope. We know that for a fact but we’re still humans. Emotions impair us but it can be controlled. The same brain that controls our whole system can control emotions. Let’s use the logical side. Let’s try overcoming emotions and be not overcome by it. Okay?


A must-watch Kdrama! 20/20. Very light, full of romance and laughter. A light story about family, friendship, love and self acceptance. ☺️

Kudos to the writer, director and the entire staff. Apektado kami sa bawat episode, lalo na ang finale. Hahahaha.

Disclaimer: Yep, SWDBS is fictional and it is the writer and director’s call to not give the second lead a chance to win the main girl but then lemme share the “feels” for the final episode ‘kay?


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