Here’s to all the Korean Drama haters…

Don’t trigger me with a spark. I can set your whole being on fire. I’ll burn you worse than you could with words. Don’t provoke me. 🙂

I love certain books and dramas not because I want to follow the world’s trends. Long before mauso (it gets trendy), I already love them. I can’t understand people who hate others just because they love certain things. What? Do you feel superior that you don’t like the majority’s choice? Do you feel superior just because you feel unique? It doesn’t make you superior that you don’t like what many people like. It makes us happy.

There are things you like that I have nothing against because I love seeing people happy. Why can’t you do the same? Will it hurt you that others are happy because of a certain trend? Will it hurt you if we like it and it just happens that you don’t? You’re not the better one just because you don’t follow the majority. I didn’t care in the past about those hateful remarks. It’s just that… it’s too condescending. It sounds self righteous. I don’t like your remarks either. Why can’t we just be happy for other people’s means of happiness as long as it’s not a bad influence, as long as it doesn’t hurt other people?

For the record, this is about those sarcastic posts I saw on my wall that says, “You post too much about Korean actors/actresses, have you posted about Jesus?”. Well she has a point. I’ll give her credit for being spiritual there but others who hate just for the sake of feeling superior, I hate it.

“Do you even understand what they’re singing? Eww Kpop. Dapat OPM ang sinusuportahan mo.” 

“Puro kalandian naman ‘yang Kdrama eh. Asa ka sa subtitles”

“Fangirl ka ng fangirl, di ka naman nila kilala.”

“Support ka ng support kapag binabash sila eh wala naman silang pakialam sayo.”

“Bago ka mag-addict sa mga ‘yan sana nagawa mo na muna ‘to, ‘yan…” blah blah blah. Akala mo naman sila walang bagay na sobrang nagustuhan. What if I subtly create status to fight against what you like and point out that it doesn’t matter that much? What will you feel?

And for the record as well, try to stalk my accounts and you’ll see various posts about my Christian life and the things I love alike.

I’m too affected because this is not the first time I saw someone criticize something about one of the things I love doing even if it doesn’t directly created for me.

Reading long books, watching Korean series, going to this far place without an adult supervision… others judge quickly. That before doing this, I must do this first. There’s always a requirement. Then, you’d realize you really can’t please others.

Books and Korean Dramas are more than just what they are. It teaches me lessons that I can’t get from a bitter person like you.


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