Broken but Blessed

I don’t like being torn and broken. Who likes emotional pain anyway? But you know what? in ruins God finds beauty.

We need to be bent or even broken in order for us to humbly accept how we became too much self-dependent and forget whose world is this. We need to be broken in order for us to cling on God’s unchanging hand and not on ourselves. Brokenness breaks self-dependence. Brokenness gives a space for a seed to grow and bear fruit.
We’re broken but blessed. Blessed to be freed from our own pride & ways. We thought we can outsmart life and its challenges. We thought we can escape and run away but we can’t. Minsan akala natin nakatakas na tayo pero ang totoo pinagpaliban lang natin ang pagharap sa mga bagay na dapat noon pa natin hinanapan ng solusyon. Delaying tactics. You know why it seems so hard to find the right solution? It’s because we depend on ourselves too much. We are looking for answers on the wrong place and person. You are confused with emotions. You become irrational but why would you try to look for answers from yourself? Pride.

One step back to God is all it takes. Unload the burden. The battle has already been won.
// jbc 230617


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