Gratefulness to my own Life Tree

From time to time, I mention you to the people I meet. I let them know who you are though there’s a low possibility that they will ever meet you. I let them know how fun it is to have you, how grateful I am that you’re part of my life and that you’re one of those people that make this life easier to bear. Thank you for the constant thoughts, messages and prayers, for letting me know that you’re still there though I become elusive at times. Thank you for staying even when I pushed you away or made you feel that I can get by without you. Thank you for noticing the little things about me and for using those details to make me smile when I don’t even feel like smiling. Thank you for the seed of kindness that you’ve implanted in my heart. Although I rarely directly tell you this, I’m beyond grateful to have you within my reach and for always adjusting just for me to reach you. Thank you for adjusting your branches just to reach me here. You’re a rare gem. Know that you’re amazing on your own way… thanks for providing a shed whenever life gets too hot too bear.
//jbc 030617


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