The Importance of Self-Supporting 

“Voice it out,” they say. But they never told you that voicing out a plan doesn’t guarantee that you will always reap the results you want. Just when you thought they listened and understood what you communicated, they don’t. Just when you thought they’ll do their part in completing the plan, they won’t. Just when you thought you’ll get the needed support from them because you trusted their nodding heads and seemingly committed faces, you’ll get torn. They will leave you in the air without your much needed oxygen to breathe. They will leave you drained and nothing but your own plan.

We cannot force people to always listen, to be there and support us. We cannot force them to go with us in each step we take no matter how good our intentions might be. But should this stop us? Are we that weak to let them get into our nerves? Whose loss will this be? Yours? Nope. It should be theirs because they let go of the opportunity to learn and to grow.

You? What are you going to do? Stop? Nah. Keep moving forward and you’ll meet the right people to grow with. Don’t let those toxic people spoil your brilliance.


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