To those who were asking what am I doing to help reduce my acne (which by the way started as comedones and has become cystic), the first step that I want you to know as early as now is pray and see a doctor— dermatologist. See a dermatologist and know exactly why you’re having those bumps.

One of the things I wish I’ve thought earlier or I wish someone told me was to see a dermatologist when it was just starting (when these were just unnoticeable little bumps that looks like part of my facial skin when you’re afar).

I self medicated, searched on the internet and spoke with people with acne. Nothing worked. If something worked, it will work for just a month or so. Things made my skin worse and ate my self-esteem. I got a little depressed and won’t go out without just looking down the whole time. So, the first step is to see a doctor in a trusted dermatological clinic or a hospital. Know what causes the acne, is it bacteria? hormonal? the weather? your shampoo, your food, sleeping pattern, soap, pillow case, etc. because honestly… there’s a lot! Maybe you’re treating it wrongly.

Oh wait! Why did I even mention prayer before seeing a doctor? Mag-pray tayong di nila tayo iti-treat as someone na makukunan lang nila ng pera. (Let’s pray that they won’t treat us for the sake of money). Let’s pray that we meet a doctor who’d sincerely help us get rid of our challenge.

We’ll survive. Let’s be pimple survivors folks.
(OA ‘to para sa ibang di naman naka-experience pero big deal talaga ‘to para sa’ming nasa pimple community, wag kang ano jan haahahhaah 😂) (It might come as over reacting to some who did not experience having break outs but for us who are actually experiencing or experienced it, this is a big deal. So just let us be…)


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